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Art of Law Legal Consultations Company is one of the leading companies in the profession of legal consultations and debt collection. The work team consists of a distinguished elite of professional cadres of lawyers and consultants in most areas of law. The company provides legal consultations and services with high quality and professional performance that serves natural individuals, private companies and government sectors. And semi-governmental, the company has maintained an excellent record in completing legal work within a professional legal work team.

The company has a full team of consultants and we work in different ways to help our clients preserve their financial rights in professional and professional ways that distinguish us from others in providing legal consultations, drafting local and international agreements and contracts, and in the fields of oil and gas, banking, investment and finance, financial markets, and with regard to intellectual property laws. And technology laws, mining and geology laws, and drafting all regulations, appeals and legal memorandums in all types of cases, as well as issues of debt collection and friendly settlements, whether you are a creditor or debtor, according to integrated policies with the highest professional standards and high efficiency. We use preliminary procedures such as sending legal warnings and field visits, leading to litigation through the courts and implementation. Its decisions and issuing executive procedures and letters to collect the amounts.

The company has praise for references gained from clients that support the quality of contracting and the quality of services provided to clients in accordance with international standards that include a group of the largest clients, natural persons and legal persons, whether private companies, government companies, or semi-governmental companies. Those who dealt with the company praised the application of the standards of basic principles and values in The legal consulting profession was also praised for the work team’s professionalism and speed of completion of legal consultations and projects. You can request legal advice regarding labor issues, real estate, rental, commercial and civil issues, personal status issues, civil and administrative issues, etc., and be assured of its results.

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