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Establishment of companies

UAE is a land of opportunities for entrepreneurs, strategic location and infrastructure etc. makes registering the company in the UAE the most preferable, so if... If you are looking to transform your entrepreneurship journey, then setting up a company in the UAE should be it The solution is that it is considered a vital center for local and foreign investment in the business world, and one of the fastest growing The most developed economies in the world, the UAE legislator has stipulated a number of forms of companies in the law Commercial companies meet the needs of individuals and investors, and each of them had its own characteristics and conditions. Which requires you to search for a specialized office characterized by extensive experience and professional competence in Fulfilling the requirements for establishing companies while adhering to their laws

Advice for starting your company

If you are ready to start a startup or a new company in the UAE, you need to register it Officially, contracting with a legal consulting firm specialized in this field understands well the type of... The company to be established, the nature of its work, and how to establish and register companies with the relevant authorities, is It is necessary in order to be able to obtain the best possible service in this field. Establishing companies is a multifaceted process that requires a number of steps, including preparation Its legal form, completion of procedures for relevant government agencies, and preparation of contracts Regulations, their formulation, etc. until the company becomes a registered entity with the relevant government agencies It has its legal status and can begin practicing its commercial activity.

Why choose us?

  • 1) Because we have legal experience and good knowledge of our clients’ requirements and needs regarding... Establishing and establishing companies of all types.
  • 2) Because we have extensive knowledge of the company incorporation system in the Emirates and the procedures that follow it And transactions.
  • 3) Because we have a distinguished work team, and thanks to God, we have a good reputation as one of the leading offices in The field of providing legal consultations and services, including company establishment services

The most important services that we can provide in the field of establishing companies

  • 1) The most important services that we can provide in the field of establishing companies
  • 2) Services for following up on the necessary procedures for establishing companies with the Department of Economic Development and Tamm Manually and electronically, as well as all relevant government agencies.
  • 3) Services for drafting and preparing contracts, regulations and documents necessary to register the company and start its activity.