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Representing companies

Whatever the form of the company or its activity, one of its most important departments is the legal department, which aims to provide Legal support for it, starting from the company’s establishment contract, its establishment procedures, and all related matters In the company, the matter extends to the administrative decision, which requires a legal reference to rely on, which is The laws and regulations that define legal centers and determine the substantive rules that address them Administrative decision, and therefore the decision maker is not only concerned with the reasons and objectives of his decision, but must... His decision must be in accordance with the laws and regulations so that he is immune from any challenge that may expose him to amendment Or sometimes cancel

Our services in representing companies

One of the most prominent services provided by Art of Law Legal Consultations Company is representing companies and providing them with legal support in all their decisions, defending their rights and capabilities before others, removing barriers and providing legal cover and legal protection for all their work, which is considered a safety valve for the responsible executive director, and we can be considered In this way, we serve as an auxiliary device to the decision maker to ensure the legality of the workflow, production, and services, and to preserve ownership and rights. Being a leading legal company in this field, we are able, with all professionalism and craftsmanship, to provide legal support and legal consultations in coordination with the company’s management and all its sectors, which leaves a good impact on stability and achieving the main goals of the companies that We represent it

Examples of our services in establishing companies

It is one of the most prominent services provided by Art of Law Legal Consulting Company

Providing legal consultations and following up on lawsuits at all stages in which the company is a party.
Conducting administrative investigations into the issues referred to it, investigating employees, imposing administrative penalties on them, studying grievances and complaints, and making the necessary recommendations regarding them.
Preparing, reviewing, studying and drafting the company’s contracts, agreements and regulations.
Contribute effectively to the qualification program for new employees who join the work and conduct appropriate training courses for them on topics related to their work tasks
Providing full legal protection for the company, representing it before others, whether a natural person or a legal entity, and defending the company’s rights
Contributing to resolving disputes with customers and third parties and issues related to the company’s business and activities
Developing legal relationships to help reduce lawsuits and disputes and overcome disagreements and problems with others in a way that achieves the company’s interests and preserves its customers.
Preparing periodic reports and related legal aspects
Follow up and study all legal amendments in all branches of law related to the company’s work and activities and provide the company’s management with the latest procedures and studies on the issues.