Drafting contracts and agreements
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Drafting contracts and agreements

The legal formulation of the contract is the means by which legal thinking is transferred from the field The inner space (the desire) to the outer space (the contract), so they are the expression of what the two parties want in a way It conveys the meaning intended to establish or establish a relationship between them, whenever the wording adheres to the principles that guarantee it Achieving this goal whenever the possibility of disputes arising between the two parties to the contract decreases, so the legal drafting Sound helps achieve this desire by avoiding points of disagreement and trying to correct them when drafting The contract is that the words match the concepts to be expressed in a correct legal manner. Article (125) of the UAE Civil Transactions Law defines the contract as an obligation of the offer Issued by one of the contracting parties with the acceptance and agreement of the other in a manner that proves its effect on the contractual matter It results in each of them being obligated to do what he owed to the other, and to prove contracts, they must be in writing and signed by Before its edges and a view on it, it fulfills all the requirements set by the Emirati legislator, and in some In some cases, writing is prescribed by law, such as commercial company contracts. If you intend to conclude a contract or agreement with a third party, whether a natural or legal person, then you are in There is a need to seek legal advice and opinion so that the contract is comprehensive and formulated on correct legal foundations It is intact and described in detail that reflects the true will of its contractors, and we at Art of Law Company For legal consultations, we help you with professionalism and expertise in all types of drafting you need Administrative, civil and commercial contracts, company incorporation contracts, documenting them, and providing consultations The necessary legal requirements, given our extensive experience in law and public relations.

The most important services that we can provide in the field of contract drafting

Company incorporation contracts and annexes to the incorporation contract
Partnership contracts and agreements.
Various commercial contracts.
Commercial agency contracts.
Trademark contracts.
Investment contracts.
Preparing a procedures and policies booklet.
Agreements to maintain confidentiality of information.
Business terms and conditions agreement.