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Arbitration is the system under which disputes can be settled, especially commercial disputes between... between companies or individuals or between each other, by neutral individuals rather than through judicial courts, Arbitration is considered an absolutely confidential process and its merits are not made public Usually, both parties agree to resort to arbitration to resolve any commercial dispute that arises between them, and it must This is stated during the contract and in writing, so that the parties agree in the event of any dispute regarding the contract to seek recourse To a competent entity, person or body from the accredited arbitration centers within the country instead of the judiciary Ordinary to resolve the dispute in accordance with the laws and procedures in force within the UAE.

Status of the UAE legislator Federal Law No. (6) of 2018 regarding arbitration In May 2018, which includes 61 Article, and its provisions apply to every arbitration conducted in the country, unless its parties agree to subject it to the provisions of the Arbitration Law. Another, provided that it does not conflict with the public order and public morals of the UAE, and every international commercial arbitration conducted abroad, and its parties agree to subject it to the provisions of this law, and every arbitration arising from a dispute regarding a relationship Legal, whether contractual or non-contractual, regulated by the laws in force in the UAE, except for what is excluded therein by text private.

Arbitration procedures begin with the parties to the dispute communicating with the party chosen as arbitrator between them During its own procedures, it chooses the arbitrator and adheres to the agreed upon periods until the final ruling is issued Which is binding on the parties.

Arbitration is considered the best means organized by law to resolve the dispute presented before it by the arbitration panel constructively By agreement of the parties and characterized by speed, flexibility and confidentiality, you can easily communicate with the Art of Law Company. Legal Consultations which employs a specialized team of legal advisors with experience in Providing legal support, drafting arbitration contracts and agreements, and assisting in the success of the arbitration or representation process The company or natural person before arbitration centers in accordance with applicable laws.